Is there something wrong and you can’t seem to put a finger on the problem? Maybe you have been doing OK but things seem to be getting harder and the way you used to deal with it doesn’t work anymore. Does the life that you’re living not to be what you expected?
It’s time to start asking you’re the harder questions. What is keeping me from my potential? Why do I have all these the negative voices in my head. What are my feelings trying to tell me? They are trying to alert you to the part of you that has been forgotten or ignored.
Individual therapy provides the space to invest in yourself. Therapy can help you understand your thoughts, behaviors, and give you the strength to address the circumstances that are affecting you.

Areas of Focus

Identity Concers | Mood Regulation | Addictions | Low Self-esteem | Avoident | Tendancies | Depression | Anxiety | Phase of life challanges | Major life changes | Behavior Modifications | Trauma | Grief & Loss

Couples Therapy

You are in a relationship but somehow it feels like you are at work. You find sustaining a committed relationship comes with more conflict than you know how to deal with. You are exhausted trying to reconcile each conflict and don’t know why there is so much work involved in keeping relationships whole.
Maybe you forgot that the two of you are completely different people who grew up in entirely unique families. Perhaps your lack of understanding of your partner comes from spending too much time focusing on your own wants and needs. Maybe you believe it would be easier if you could turn your partner into someone more like yourself. Oftentimes we fight for the “me” in the relationship because our needs are not getting met. But when we focus on the “me” we can forget the “we.” It might help you to know that there are three entities in every relationship: you, your partner and the couple. When we forget to take care of one of these entities, the relationship becomes unbalanced and conflict heats up. Couples therapy can help you see what your role is in the conflict, and how your personality interacts with your partners in both positive and less productive ways.

Anxiety & Depression

You feel like a complicated, contradictory mess of emotions and you simply cannot understand why you do the things you do. You get lost in your own head sometimes and your inner dialog is sounding very depressing and helpless. You want to flip the switch, but you don’t know how.
Depression and anxiety are active feelings that are trying to tell you that something is wrong.
Call me and I will help you wade through the mess in your mind. Don’t just sit and wait for your anxiety and depression to leave – if that was going to happen it would have already happened. Call me for real change.
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