Samantha (28)

“My boyfriend and I have been together since we were 17 and had a baby at age 19, we were both very young and have been on and off since then. You can only imagine the roller coaster we went through with family members. We are now 27 and would still find ourselves arguing about problems that should have stayed in the past, We found Dr. Don Campbell, at first, As a women I was a bit skeptical talking with a male therapists due to personal issues I have encountered with men. But he truly was amazing and helped me understand a see from a males perspective. It helped me to better understand my partner and I learned how to better explain to him what it was I wanted and felt lacked in our relationship. I also want to point out he was completely understanding with our schedule due to our kids school time, he even allowed for our son to sit in and watch cartoons on our phone (distracted)while we talked since at times we couldn’t find a sitter. I highly recommend giving Dr. Campbell chance!”

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